Shared Media Time To Promote Positive Behaviors (2018)

I partnered with a local nonprofit called Girls Actively Participating (GAP) to lead a lecture on how to mitigate the concerns that parents had about their child's use of the internet and videogames. As a librarian I stayed away from the idea of censorship and digital control tools and instead focused on project-based solutions that would bring parents and children to a mutual understanding that facilitated deeper communication.


Python Programming Course for High Schoolers (2017-2019)

The Python Programming Class was a six week long introduction to computer programming class aimed at high school students that ran biannually. The course utilizes the text “Python Crash Course” by Eric Matthes and focuses mainly on the syntax of the language. However, I take a project-based approach to the instruction and begin with a text game so that the students can see the language in action. The class was fully attended in each iteration.


Introduction to Ethical Hacking (2019)

The Introduction to Ethical Hacking course was a two-week long course. We covered the basics of Wi-Fi hacking using hacks that are basically now outdated. The purpose of the course was to give students an understanding of how passwords get cracked and how password safety can be built. It also introduces the topics of Networking and Linux command line. The course was open to any age but mainly aimed at adults.


Digital Privacy Tools for Libraries (2019)

The Digital Privacy Tools talk is a staff training presentation for privacy tools installed on public facing computers. These tools combine usability and effectiveness to represent quality options for library patrons looking to protect their online browsing on public computers at the local library. The powerpoint presentation is updated for clarity. As a result the video recording will not directly match the powerpoint.

Stalkerware Training for Domestic Violence Shelter Staff (2019)

This is a staff presentation for shelter employees on Stalkerware. There is a flyer for distribution that encourages victims to come forward with their concern. The local domestic abuse shelter and the library partnered to have shelter clients contact me where we would arrange an audit of their devices. This was offered in both English and Spanish.

Active Consent Course for High Schoolers (2018)

The Active Consent Course for High Schoolers was a semester long elective option for high schoolers. This was a partnership between local domestic abuse shelter and me where I co-instructed the course with a shelter staff member. We used popular culture examples to demonstrate how gender norms can reinforce dangerous behavior and decrease the likelihood of positive sexual encounters. We empowered the students to advocate for themselves and for better behavior from their peers.