I currently maintain, design, and develop for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga library website. It is a Drupal 9 instance. While I am a member of the library IT team I do interface directly with the web development team for the whole University. This includes continuous integration with Git and ticket management for user requests.
This project is an archive of films that my girlfriend has seen. She keeps a spreadsheet of every film she's watched since the beginning of 2020 with notes on her feelings about it. This archive acts as a memory bank for our shared experiences of watching those films. It also is good practice for navigating API documentation and parsing nested PHP arrays. (In Progress)
This project provides a small quiz application. I modified a frontend tutorial with PHP code to practice backend skills. Originally the tutorial stored data in local storage. I went through the process of connecting the user supplied data to a mysql database and handled some of the data processing on the server side.